Eriz Ahedo

Gym Owner / Senior Personal Trainer / MNU Certified Nutritionist

I have always been an active person when it comes to sports. I started with 8 years old to practice martial arts and got involved in the fitness industry at the age of 14 (year 1997). Since then, I have never stopped training.

Fitness has always been my passion and what I have always done. I have travelled and lived in different countries, giving me the opportunity to train and learn with and from other international trainers and having all sort of clients, acquiring priceless knowledge and experience.

Apart from the regular pt certifications, I have done courses and been privately mentored by some of the best coaches in the industry in the past few years and I keep developing myself day by day in order to provide always the best service as possible to my clients.

Now I dedicate my career to help and guide people around the world to feel good, look good and live good. I co-own a couple of gyms in Bangkok and work also as a consultant for other gyms and personal trainers. (For fitness business consultancy and fitness education services contact me here)

Above all, I exercise for health and functional purposes, but I would be lying if I don't mention that my physique is also important to me, so yes, I like to have a good looking and strong body. And you?

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