This is exactly the same program and methods I use myself to be Beach Body Ready all year Round
- the main goal of this program is to build muscle in the most efficient way
- 4 workouts per week: 2 upper and 2 lower
- you will receive a new training phase every 4 weeks

- complete self-tracking system through the app

- equipment required: free weights and machines

* This is not a personalized plan. It is the same program I use myself.
* No meal plan is included, you will receive a guide where you will learn how to calculate calories according to your target and how to split your macros.
* This is a monthly subscription.
* There are no refunds issued.
* The program starts the next Monday.
* The sessions are booked in the calendar but you can re-adjust the sessions to fit your schedule.
* You can self cancel at any time, your program will continue to the end of the current billing cycle but will not renew.our text here...


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