I help business professionals 

to get in the best shape of their life

I provide bespoke training programs and nutrition guidance for those who want to transform their body

Get  in  the  best  shape  of  your  life

in  4  steps


Fill Out The Consultation Form

This step is to see if we are a good fit and whether the goals you are looking to achieve are achievable. I want us to have a great relationship from the start so doing this is key.

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Arrange a Phone Call

I will arrange a time with you to chat on the phone, to find out more in detail about your goals, what you want to achieve and how I can help you to do it.


Work on your plan

Once you sign up, I will send you an in-depth questionnaire so that I collect all the information that I need to create the best program possible.


A journey together begins

From the day we start working together, you will get full support from me, feedback via video check ins every week and complete accountability so that you keep on track to achieve your dream physique

Online training from a real personal trainer

Experience is a crucial factor to set you apart in any profession. Personal training should not be different.

In order to provide a good service as an Online Personal Trainer, a trainer must acquire first a good in-person experience.

There are many important details that can only be learned through in-person experience such as physical initial assessments, body imbalances, coaching cues for different exercises, execution and limitations of exercises... and many more.

I have been working with in-person clients for several years so that you can rest assured that the level and quality of my service comes from working with people.


Personalized workout programs

Every single program is designed and tailored to the client's own characteristics and goals. I will make adjustments whenever is needed to make sure that you keep improving and progessing towards your goal

Evidence-based nutrition

Individual nutrition guidance and support following the standards of the most world-renowned evidence-based nutrition course. I will choose the right strategy so that you can achieve your goal in the best way.

Working with integrity

I keep working and developing myself in order to grow as a professional and improve the level and quality of the services I provide. This translates into clients getting better results and bigger satisfaction.

What my clients say about me

“Eriz is a sincere personal trainer with a strong focus on real personal training. Whenever my form is incorrect and might damage my body, he attentively helps me to make sure that I get the most out of the training. He takes care of every single detail, inside and outside the gym, to make sure I achieve my goals” – Looktan

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